Q: How old are you?

A: 24 years old, born in 94.

Q: How long have you been shooting?

A: I first picked up my moms old Canon Rebel t2i back in summer of 2015.

Q: What motivated you to start taking photos?

A: When I got my first iPhone (3GS), I was in a sophomore in high school, from then I started using the camera to take photos of whatever caught my eye. Typically, it was my friends and I hanging out, photos of my shoes or my books and notebooks lined up in a symmetrical way. Capturing photos and sharing them via instagram back when it was hipster to have an instagram was fun to me. I used VSCO to add filters to my photos and would relate songs to the emotion the photo gave me. I also got a lot of creative inspiration from my dad who grew up playing the saxophone and drums. 

Q: Who / What inspires you to keep going?

A: Surrounding myself with friends with a likeminded mentality is one of the major aspects that keeps me going. It’s such a true, cliche saying: “you’re a product of your environment.” Aside from that, music is a huge part of my creative process. Artists like Frank Ocean, John Mayer, Hate Drugs, Kanye West, Jay Z, A$AP Rocky, The xx and My Chemical Romance continue to inspire me. I don’t mean to sound like Kanye West either haha but, on a consistent basis, I continue to inspire myself. 

Q: What gear do you shoot with?

A: I use a 5D Mark III by Canon, 24-70mm f2.8 II by canon, 50mm f1.2 by canon and 70-200mm f2.8 I by canon

Q: What are some of your hobbies outside of photography?

A: I love soccer, Real Madrid C.F. is my favorite club team. I’m also a huge fan of music and coffee shops. My music ranges from Kanye West to John Mayer to Michael Jackson to Marvin Gaye and more. 

Q: How did you find your style?

A: Portraiture is the base of the majority of my photos. I gravitated towards portraiture because, for me, it’s deeper than cameras, lenses and computers. I love the stories behind the people I’m photographing, and if I can help someone tell their story through my photos then that’s the ultimate win for me. As far as my editing style, when I started taking photos, I would study other photographers such as Ansel Adams, Gregory Crewdson, Trashhand, Samuel Elkins, Andrew Kearns, Henry Hwu, John Harte and, Kristopher Stallworth I studied the way the composed their photos and their color palate when editing. Also have taken a black and white 35mm film class at Bakersfield College, color palates from films like Kodak Tri-X, Kodak Portra 400 & 160, and Kodak Ultramax have influenced me.